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Amy began her creative life as an interior designer where she had an eye for beauty and how things worked together. While living in the Midwest, she owned a successful commercial architectural and interior design firm. But as life unfolded, Amy was called to a new creative expression: oil painting.

Her current contemporary realist style is influenced by her experience as a designer and fueled by her innate talents. Harmonious color palettes, appealing composition and positive energy are all fused together to create buoyant works of art. 

“When you connect with something beautiful, you open up parts of yourself that have been neglected and forgotten, parts that have been crying out for years to be heard and healed.”

Amy’s work is an expression of things that need to be healed in all of us. Each piece is designed to inspire and create wonder. Her art is designed to be shared in a place that will serve as a reminder of who you are and what you personally need.

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