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Cheryl wore many hats before she became an artist. She was a deputy for the Sheriff’s department in Houston, then had several entrepreneur pursuits, owning a party store, bakery, and yogurt shop. She also had stakes in the balloon industry and then became a commercial artist designing mylar balloons, selling worldwide for several years.

Retiring at age 73, Cheryl had a friend who was a painter and experienced great joy in her artistic pursuit. SoCheryl began self-study, learning from artists who were willing to share their knowledge, techniques, and experiences online.


“Picking up a paint brush brought such passion into my life, and I knew I wanted to paint for the rest of my life. Painting has opened a whole new world to me. I absolutely love this season and time in my life. Some people think I should be retired, but I have discovered a new passion and purpose as an artist. It has only just begun!”




30" x 48"

Why Whisper When You Can Shout

48" x 48"

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