Cheryl Turner


About the Artist


Acrylic Paintings

My life before becoming an artist has had many twists and turns. Coming from a family who had careers in law enforcement, I set my dreams on becoming a street cop, too. This was at a time when women were only  jailers or juvenile officers, so I knew my journey would be breaking the norm.  It happened. I became one of the first two female deputies to patrol the streets of Harris County with the Sheriff's Office, Houston Texas in 1975.

I thought a career in law enforcement would be my life.  But with small children and a husband who was also a cop who worked different shifts, life became complicated. So I quit and became an entrepreneur. I have owned a party store, a bakery, and a yogurt shop just to name a few. I had stakes in the ballon industry and then became a commercial artist designing mylar balloons that sold worldwide for several years.

Retiring at age 73, I did not know what to do as I knew my life was not over. A sweet friend starting painting and I saw the joy she experienced.  I began self-study,  learning from artists who share their knowledge, techniques, and art experiences online.

Picking up a paint brush has brought such passion into my life, and I know I want to paint for the rest of my life.   Painting has opened a whole new world to me.  I absolutely love this season and time in my life. Some people think I should be retired, but I have discovered a new passion and purpose as an artist. It has only just begun.





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