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Dennis Reinke

Artist Statement

Sharing the joy I love to capture the atmosphere and the initial emotional response in a painting, knowing that each painting has a life of its own. Every painting is an abstraction from reality.


In 2019, after painting mountains of the west Dennis moved to his studio/home in Comfort, TX.  His focus has been "Painting the Scenes you Love" commissions including landscapes, portraits, wildlife and pets in both watercolor and oil painting. He loves the spontaneity of plein air painting which he feels influences his studio style. Realism where needed and freestyle otherwise.

Along with his career in architecture in Estes Park and Loveland, Colorado, Dennis studied and created art with many fine artists including a kick start from Clyde Aspevig.

Dennis basically uses primary colors and travels light. But not uptight about using white in watercolors. Dennis was intrigued by the luminosity of the work of Maxfield Parrish and patterns and texture of Van Gogh.

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