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After retiring from 50 years of active litigation practice, George was introduced to the concept of creating stringed instruments utilizing unique and nostalgic materials. George primarily creates “necked” dulcimers using varied sound bodies such as shaker boxes, copper and brass bowls, vintage candy and biscuit tins, and several varieties of gourds. He marries these bodies to shaped necks, fret boards, and sound boards that he crafts from beautiful hardboards found all over the world. He favors dulcimers because they employ a diatonic scale that makes them incredibly easy to play, even by individuals with little musical background. In addition to his traditional dulcimers , George has recently been making instruments that are tuned like dulcimers, but are fully fretted to allow sharps and flats to be played. This opens up new genres of music such as blues and jazz while maintaining the easy playability of the instrument.

“I love the fact that each of these instruments has its own unique sound character and that I never know what that is going to be until I string it up and make that first strum.” George enjoys exploring new and interesting types of bodies that gives each piece its own sound signature. He also creates custom instruments for those who have a treasured container. 

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