About the Artist

George Brin
Handmade Dulcimers
 When George retired from 50 years of an active litigation practice several years ago to concentrate his practice on  his work as a mediator and arbitrator, he found himself with considerably more time to pursue his interest in the arts. His son- an industrial designer and luthier in Connecticut-  introduced him to the interesting concept of creating stringed instruments utilizing sound bodies that have been part of the American tradition of folk music. Since then, George has made stringed instruments- primarily “necked" dulcimers – with such varied sound bodies as antique copper and brass bowls, vintage candy, cookie and biscuit tins, and several varieties of gourds. In this process, he has “married" these bodies to  shaped necks, fret boards and sound boards that he has crafted,  constructing them from beautiful hardwoods from all over the world. Each piece is accompanied by information about the wood chosen for its construction.
     “I love the fact that each of these instruments has its own, unique sound character
and that I never know what that is going to be until I string it up and make that first strum. I have favored dulcimers because they employ a diatonic scale that makes them incredibly easy to play- even by people with no musical background."
     Plans for the future include building other stringed instruments such as ukuleles, banjos and tenor guitars and exploring new and interesting types of bodies to give each of them its own sound signature. “The dulcimers will always be my favorites though and I am thinking about growing my own gourd varieties to optimize their sounds." George is also available to make custom instruments for people who may have some treasured  container that has personal significance that might be enhanced by converting it to something they can play and enjoy. " I feel very grateful to have been invited to show my instruments at Gallery 195 and to see them on display alongside  the work of so many so many truly gifted artists".

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