Gallery 195 of Boerne LLC Guest Artist Information

We periodically host Guest  Artists to our gallery. Our standard time frame is for a one month duration. However we consider other time frames, so please let us know of your interest. We hope this information will be helpful as you consider becoming a Guest Artist!

 1. The Gallery will promote the artist's work and offer a professional art gallery environment in which the artist can display their work for sale to the public.
 2. The Artist hereby warrants that they created and possess unencumbered title to the works of art on inventory in the gallery and that their descriptions are true and accurate.
 3. The Artist will have their work on display for the time frame agreed upon in the contract.
 4. The Artist will pay a $45.00 Exhibition Fee to help defray costs of promotion, sales administration, and event costs.
 5. Insurance on Artist's work displayed is the responsibility of the Artist. Although the Gallery takes great care of work, the Gallery will not assume responsibility for loss or damage of work.
 6. The Gallery is responsible for manning the Gallery and executing sales. The Gallery will also provide refreshments during special events. Attendance of the Artist at special events is encouraged.
 7. The Gallery maintains curatorial rights for the exhibit and may refuse to display work that does not meet the Gallery’s standards.
 8. The Gallery will retain 40% of the sale price of Artist’s work made in or through the gallery and thereafter if the sale is initiated through the Gallery's efforts and will collect from the customer all applicable sales taxes. The Gallery will issue a 1099 to the Artist for tax purposes.
 9. Payment to the Artist for any sale made by the Gallery shall be made by the 15th of the month following the month of the sale.
 10. Purchases via layaway will be paid to the Artist as they are received by the Gallery in accordance with item 8 & 9.
 11. The Artist is responsible for bringing their artwork to the Gallery in displayable condition. For work that hangs on the wall, proper screw-in hardware and picture hanging wire is required. . Hardware glued to the piece of artwork and/or sawtooth hangers are not allowed.
 12. The Artist shall provide the Gallery with an inventory of all work to be displayed with prices. The Artist shall mark each individual piece of work that is for sale with a price, a title and the Artist's name.
 13. The Artist agrees to be present to remove their artwork from the Gallery at the ending date of this contract or on the day given. The Gallery reserves the right to remove the artist's work from display if the artist is not present on the date the Gallery is rearranged.

If you are interested in becoming a Guest Artist
an application form will be provided for you to complete and submit.

* Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until all of the requested information has been received. *

In order to complete the application process please email the following information to   [email protected] with "Guest Artist Submission" in the subject line:

  1. Artist's Statement (a brief paragraph)
  2. Biography
  3. Photographs of Artwork (minimum of 5 and 1200 pixels on the long side) as email attachment 

      (Each image labeled with Artist's Name, Title, Medium, Size, & Retail Price) 
If there is not a current opening, your information will be placed in our files for future reference and will be reviewed when there is an opening for a Guest Artist. 

For additional information or questions, please contact us at [email protected]
Feel free to visit Gallery 195 often, attend Gallery Receptions and Events,
and ask the Gallery Artists questions.

Please complete the information below
to provide initial data needed to begin the process.  

When you click on "Submit" you will be provided with a simple form to complete.  

Guest Artist Application Request
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