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Jill Pankey


The intention of Jill Pankey’s work is an exploration of life around her, and the never ending experimentation with color,  In past and present work, Pankey has experimented with the provocative theme of the aging female with a focus on humor, color, pattern, and movement.  There is an ongoing investigation of anatomy and technique and how the use of color can be used to enhance or evoke a particular expressive moment in time that suggests figures moving and merging, or perhaps colorful gestural strokes to enhance the movement.  Pankey has been experimenting with theatrical lighting and exploring the notion of a dreamlike quality in each composition. Pankey states, “we may age but dreams and memories cannot be taken away.”  Her motivation and inspiration to explore this long journey of becoming an artist began with growing up along the colorful Mexican border of Del Rio, Texas.


In all of Jill’s paintings, the notion of a celebrating and honoring the female form is important.  Through observation, she explores real people in common situations, often with a humorous flair. “Today our icons are women who have made tremendous gains in all areas of society with the exception of body image.  The debate will continue about the uneven playing field between men and women and the unrealistic commercial images in magazines of beautiful young women.”  The paintings in this work honor and celebrate a varied array of the female form through color, pattern and movement.

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