Leslie Mataicio - July Guest Artist

BOERNE, TEXAS - Leslie Matiacio, contemporary artist in acrylic painting, will be a featured Guest Artist for the month of July at Gallery 195, located at 195 Main Street in Boerne.

Matiacio calls her work Impressionist Pop Art. She says, “I like the idea of editing visual information. When I paint, I think about the question, what is the least information I can show to give the viewer the impression of what I am painting ? For example, what is it that makes a bumper look made out of chrome, or what makes a headlight look shiny?”

One of the artist’s favorite subjects is vintage cars and trucks, but she also paints still life, portraits, and landscapes. The pop art influence on her work shows through the use of popular cultural images, with bright colors and complementary schemes.

Matiacio loves to use colors mixed with neutrals. She does not use black in her paintings, preferring to mix her own darks. She uses bright colors as the underpainting so that they will peek through the final works. She states, “I want my work to be engaging, nostalgic, and fun for the viewer”.

The artist has been creating since she was a child and took her first painting lessons at the age of 9. She majored in Art Education in college and has been teaching art for 18 years, currently to high school students. She feels it is important to be a working artist as well as a teacher, so that she might encourage her students to pursue their artistic endeavors. She is a member of Boerne Professional Artists and a member of the Texas Art Education Association.

Matiacio’s paintings will be on display for the month of July at Gallery 195 in Boerne.
The gallery will remain open for the Fourth of July weekend, including both the 3rd and 4th.

Gallery 195 is normally open 10:00 to 5:00 Wednesday through Saturday and 12:00 to 5:00 on Sundays. For more information visit: www.gallery195.com.
  1. Glorious Ford
  2. Yellow Grill
  3. Palm Tree Reflections
  4. Old Green Chevy

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