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What began in 2007 as a once-a-week break for two hours became Linda’s passion and career full time. Growth in her work has taught her to trust the process.  Her curiosity in how things work provides an endless challenge with clay.

Her life experiences influence each piece. Although she could tell the story of what each piece means to her, she’d much prefer the viewer to experience the work and discover what it means to them. Linda gravitates more to narrative and abstract sculpture in her work, utilizing clay as a roadmap to connect life experiences and the natural world. 

Linda’s work embodies the organic nature of hand-built pieces and the search for a natural flow of movement in the design. This exploration is seen in all her work, from sculptural pieces to bowls to her “stacks.” Aiding even more to this objective is her use of alternative firing and finishing techniques, such as naked raku and foil saggar processes.

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