Linda Rael

Fiber & Mixed Media

About the Artist

Linda Rael
Fiber & Clay Artist

Linda Rael creates magical figurative pieces in her Boerne studio.  Soft sculpture and clay are the basic ingredients of her figures. They are highly embellished with embroidery, beads, and found objects, including natural elements found on her walks in the woods.  Her award winning work transcends category and genre.

In addition to figurative pieces, Rael creates charming books as well as jewelry with hand-made and embellished medallions. Concepts for her art pieces are drawn from nature and the relationship  humans have with it. This relationship may take form as petroglyphs, ancestor figures, shamans, animals and fairies. Rael finds this relationship more important than ever given the environmental challenges we face today.

Although the relationship between humans and our environment is a serious subject, Rael attempts to approach it with humor and whimsy through her figurative work.



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