Gallery 195 of Boerne LLC

Thank you for your interest in Gallery 195 of Boerne LLC.
We hope the following information will be helpful in your decision-making process.

Gallery 195 of Boerne LLC is an artist-owned and operated Partnership. Our Board of Directors serves for a period of one year and may be reelected for a second year, if willing. Our Board oversees the functioning of the gallery and is comprised of gallery officers plus one other partner elected "at large".  Installation Days consist of each partner placing his/her work in a designated space that is rotated by the gallery curators.  Gallery Partnership Business Meetings occur bimonthly or more often as needed.  All major decisions are decided by 3/4 vote of all partners.

Commitments and Responsibilities of Gallery 195 of Boerne LLC Partners:

   *  Partners are required to make a one-year commitment to the Gallery. If a partner does not wish to renew their partnership, they must notify the Gallery in writing by October 15 of the year they intend to end their partnership.

   *  All new partners must pay a one-time Equity Contribution which is nonrefundable, along with their first and last month's rent.

   *  Partners may only exhibit artwork at the Gallery that they have produced themselves. They must exhibit at least one new work on a bi-monthly basis, which has not been exhibited previously at the Gallery.

   *  Currently the gallery hours are expected to be Wed thru Sat (10am to 5pm) and Sun (12pm to 5pm) Partners serve as "art dealers" for one another and each partner is expected to work equal portions (1 to 3 days) each month, possibly more depending on the current number of partners, in the gallery handling the daily work and sales.

   *  Partners will contribute equally to the business and operations of the Gallery. This includes but is not limited to serving on committees, staffing the gallery, maintenance and upkeep of the Gallery and its assets, and other duties as determined by the business needs.

   *  Partners are expected to assist with Installation Days, allow several hours assisting with preparations for Receptions, and to attend Partnership Business Meetings. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend Gallery Receptions and Special Events.

   *  Currently, each partner is charged a 10% commission on their sales, which goes into a Gallery fund for expenses. The Gallery will pay and report sales tax and issue a 1099 to the artist for their respective sales. Charge card fees applied by the credit card companies are deducted from the artists' sales. Proceeds from Partner Sales will be credited to their respective accounts, less gallery commission fee and credit card fees. Artists are paid monthly.

   *  A Partner who leaves the Gallery before the end of their yearly term must pay their share of the monthly expenses and work as required, absent extraordinary circumstances as determined by the Board. If a new partner is found who meets partnership requirements, makes their equity contribution, and starts paying their dues, then the leaving partner may be released from their continuing obligations by the Board.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner, 
Please fill out the information below and click the "Submit" button.
An application form will be provided for you to complete and submit.

In order to complete the application process please email the following information to
[email protected] with "Artist Submission" in the subject line:

  1. Artist's Statement (a brief paragraph)
  2. Biography
  3. Resume
  4. Photographs of Artwork (minimum of 5) as email attachment or link to artist website 
(Each image labeled with Artist's Name, Title, Medium, Size, & Retail Price)
  5. Listings of:
          * How your work is currently marketed
         * Awards, Exhibitions, Memberships, Invitational Shows, Collections, and Literature
         * Galleries where your work is or has been shown with address and contact information
         * Supportive Material - Marketing media such as magazines and brochures featuring your work

Your information will be placed in our files for future reference and will be reviewed when there is an opening for a new Partner.  If a Partnership position becomes available and there is interest in your work, you will be contacted for an interview.

For additional information or questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Feel free to visit Gallery 195 often, attend Gallery Receptions and Events,
and ask the Gallery Artists questions.

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