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mixed media



Every day, 1440 minutes of humming. Going and coming, crossing paths. Dodging them too. Too much to do to just mingle. A home to defend, finding foe, finding friend, finding nectar that may be dry at day’s end. Dangers and heat beat on this thin heart where love once pumped wildly, then mildly, then it was taught to resent. I’m spent. Flying here and there until the wings are a blur, speech is a slur. But if I stop, I just might fall. A chirp on the way down, losing my self-made crown until one responds to the sound and stirs me up.


"Rest here and watch. Be taught, again. Drink it in, that which is sweet and satisfies. Then fly my friend. Stir up another falling down, while it is still called Today." 


Day to day, your heart will fail in the midst of the grind, but may you find yourself caught up in the tail wind of another. A sister, a brother who sees your heart twisting. And stop resisting their rescue. Then look up at a few in view who are falling too and lift them — encourage, comfort, teach — until they are strong enough to reach the blooms, staying fixed in the air, humming. Don’t lose heart, a new day is coming. (Hebrews 3:13; 10:23-25)

Day to Day - SOLD

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