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36" x 36" Mixed Media 

Framed Canvas

Strategic Alliance- SOLD

  • What an unlikely pair, these two. One might think there's nothing in common between this fierce brute with his horns and hard head and those flighty birds who seem quite a nuisance. But truth is their best life is in the company of the other. Here they set the terms of their journey together: One taking care of threatening invaders while the other provides the makeup of a nest. One kicking up the insects for dinner while the other cleans the coat. Seems like thriving on the plains requires opposites appreciating and gleaning from the strengths of the other.

    I considered choosing a name for this piece from a list of dear friends I've had the provilege of knowing closely over the years -- people who were very different from me at the onset, but proved to be the most amazing companions. I figured if I did use names, it would be a messy job clarifying who was the bison and who was the bird.

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