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Sharon is an intuitive abstract artist and works in three mediums: acrylic, mixed media and encaustic. She begins her work with no preconceived ideas, but instead plays around with lines, asemic writing, areas of color, and is constantly turning the canvas to work on different areas. By painting this way, she doesn’t become “wedded” to an idea, but lets things evolve in abstract.

Her mixed media work involves a little more structure. She uses hand-painted papers and other items such as drywall tape, strong, gesso, and even hot glue, to create elements that suggest a landscape or abstract patterns.


Sharon’s encaustic paintings are created by layering and fusing pigmented beeswax, which provides an intriguing luminosity unachievable with other mediums. She embeds a variety of items into the layers including hand-painted papers, old letters, or natural fibers.

Sharon’s career in art has also included teaching, mural painting, and pottery.



Neutral Sights

12" x 12"

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