Sharon Whisnand

Acrylics & Mixed Media

About the Artist

Sharon Whisnand

Do you ever look at a painting and wonder, “wow, how did they do that?”  Encaustic artist Sharon Whisnand’s works elicit that response.  Her works have a transparency and luminosity that have viewers to Gallery 195 asking how it was done.

Sharon Whisnand was born in Texas, grew up in Oklahoma, and  graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in business education. While she was a teacher in a suburb of Oklahoma City, she began taking painting lessons and eventually became a full-time art teacher.

As her reputation as an artist spread, she began painting murals in homes and businesses in Kansas, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, and California.  In addition to painting murals, she and her faux finish crew completed many extensive projects in the Palm Springs and Los Angeles areas of California.  She has painted  murals in homes and businesses in Kansas, Colorado, Virginia, Utah and California.

After deciding to hang up her ladders and exit the faux finishing business, she and her husband Jim moved to Fair Oaks Ranch Texas, where she le
arned encaustic painting from Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.The artist can be found almost daily at work in her studio, wielding her heat guns and propane torches. It is challenging to work with 200 degree wax, but it is an adventure she loves.

​Sharon also works in mixed media, ceramics and has recently added acrylic painting.  She has been written up in Palm Springs Life magazine and is regularly featured in Where Art Lives



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