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The Figure:  In my past and present work, I have experimented with the female form with a focus on humor, color, pattern, and movement and aging.  I am interested in investigating anatomy and technique and how the use of color and patterns can be used to enhance or exaggerate a particular expressive moment or explore figures moving and interacting.  It’s interesting to experiment with theatrical lighting and explore the notion of a dreamlike quality in some compositions, but my goal is to have the viewer assume the message.  My motivation and inspiration to explore this long journey of becoming an artist began with growing up along the colorful Mexican border of Del Rio, Texas.


Boots:  After the death of my brother in 2005, I was given his boots.  Over time, I incorporated boots in many of my paintings, partially to honor Mark, but realizing the colorful patterned boots became part of the personalities in my compositions.


Chihuahuas:  I often paint my friends in fun settings and often asked why I do not paint myself.  These little fun dogs that may be annoying to some, loved by others, but good watch dogs and yappers have become my self-portrait. 


Cactus and Florals: Florals are often part of the patterns in many compositions and cactus are a big part of the Texas landscape.  I took a break from the female form for a time and explored a series of colorful patterns in nature.  Could nature give me that same visual workout that the female compositions challenged me to explore? I continue to go back and forth to see where to go and what else to discover.  

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