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Born and raised in Texas, art has been my lifelong guide and companion. International travel, nature walks, and collecting unusual items along the way has all found its way into my work, full of layers and texture. The practice of observation and collecting and then assembly has mirrored my life experience of transformation. Individual fragments take on bigger meaning when combined in a composition and relationships are formed.


From finger painting in Kindergarten to earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at NTSU in 1971, these life experiences have given me a solid foundation of learning different mediums and the craft. Working at the Ft. Worth Art Museum and several contemporary art galleries in Dallas, as well as Santa Fe, NM after college, fed my skills as a professional in the art world. A mother of two sons probably contributed the most to my living a creative life and problem solving!  

Jewelry design and mixed media portraits are the dominant outlet in my Texas Hill Country lifestyle now.  The contrast of working in both 2D and 3D has the common trait of texture and asymmetry, but maintaining  balance and harmony. Entering my 70s now may sound old, but art keeps me young and I still feel very much like I’m in the 1970’s when my art was just taking hold.  Pablo Picasso said it takes a long time to be young….. I’m still working on it!

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