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27 Jun

As a nature/wildlife photographer, I’ve heard this question more than once: “Your photographs look so much better than mine.”. Yes, my camera is often is a better camera—usually near the top of the brand line. And yes, my lenses may have better quality glass. But that is rarely the difference.

I have been a photographer for over 50 years, professionally for 13 years. I have studied with top nature photographers in the country and traveled throughout the world photographing with several of them. I have studied the behavior of birds and animals I photograph. Where appropriate, I go with guides to find the subjects of my photographs. I normally print my own photographs to make sure they are the quality I want—having studied printing with masters in the field.

The real difference is not the camera, but the work the person behind the camera has put in that makes the difference. By James Heupel

6 Replies to “Why don’t my photographs look this good?”


, July 10, 2020

Love your work, Jim !
I would love to consider a new zoom lens that performs and fits my budget. Any suggestions?
Create ON! Laura


, July 11, 2020

Jim, your photographs are fabulous from around the world. The patience it takes to capture your wildlife photos is unimaginable, truly works of art.

James Heupel

, July 31, 2020

Thanks for your comments. to give you a decent answer, I’d need to know what camera you currently have, and how you would like to use your zoom lens–for birds, animals, landscapes, flowers, etc.

Linda Rael

, July 10, 2020

Great blog Jim. Like all art practice, practice, practice. How did you get that great bear pic as he was running towards you?

Virginia Floyd

, July 10, 2020

Jim is a great photographer. I’m so happy to have his work in the gallery!

Jim Heulpel

, July 31, 2020

Thanks, Linda. Got the photo through patience, focus on the shot — and not running away! 😉

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