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Mixed media on canvas

24" x 48"


A mixed bag gathered, each with a stash of patterns from things worn and worn out, old blankets, the newest quarters, and frayed leftovers from projects of last season. Task and reason places each woman in position. “Come sit by me” is next to “I don’t know what to do.” Rigidity and age has found its place touching shoulders with fragility and youth. They piece stories of torn and mended parts. Questions are asked, and they are each tasked with threading difficult needles, restitching sections, snipping loose threads and taking correction in order to create blocks that turn into beautiful works of art… women. Knowledge offered in the rhythmic push and pull of needles and threads. The burden and beauty of womanhood is not sewn in isolation where pride can hide, but patterned around a table of give and take with someone of a different pattern on either side.

She Patterns

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